Shizuka is the shy, quiet type girl. She is small, has light, fluffy hair and wears glasses.
She joins the crafts club in high school and there meets Matsuri, an upperclassman who she at first thinks is a little scary but eventually warms up to. Slowly, Shizuka finds herself falling for Matsuri but she recognises that her love is one-sided and that Matsuri herself has a thing for another senior in their club: Aya.
Shizuka is very supportive, in an almost self-destructive way, silently having her heart broken but being there for Matsuri when she needs the younger girl. She even goes out of her way to wait around with Matsuri after school just to catch a glimpse of Aya. She also nurses Matsuri's broken heart after hearing that she confessed to Aya but got turned down.
She loses confidence in herself especially because she thinks Aya is a wonderful person and a nice, caring, pretty upperclassman who is better suited to Matsuri.
She is best friends with Izumi, a girl from a her class whose concerns fall on what tasty lunch she can get to share with Shizuka, who cooks her own food.
After confessing to Matsuri boldly and almost frustratedly, the two agree to remain friends despite Matsuri telling Shizuka that she does not feel the same way and still holds feelings for Aya.
In a bout of depression, she sees that her eccentric friend Izumi is trying to cheer her up, going so far as to make a (mostly inedible) lunch for her despite Izumi's less than stellar cooking skills. Shizuka is rather warmed by her best friend's actions and thinks the food tastes good because it was made with her feelings in mind.
[This character appears in the chapters "Winter-tinged Thoughts" and "A Lunch Made With Love".]

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