Shoukichi KOMACHI


Alternative names:

小町 小吉
こまち しょうきち


Genetically Enhanced, Human, Adult, Genetically Engineered, Superpowers


Gender: Male
Age: 42
Hair colour: Brown
Nationality: Japan
Mars ranking: Unknown
Age: 22 ( Bugs II ), 42 ( Annex I )
Birthday: August 20
Height: 187 cm
Weight: 87-90 kg
Surgery base: Giant Hornet
Blood type: A
Favorite food: hotpot, beef stew, curry, tropical fish
Dislikes: small toilet stalls with inward-opening doors, cockroaches
Hobbies: growing coral
When he was 15 years old, he saw Nanao's stepfather abusing her with his own eyes, so he killed the man with his bare hands. After he got out of juvenile prison, he underwent the Bugs Procedure to follow after Nanao. Shoukichi is actually 42 years old.
Normally, he does not like to fight, but he has a strong sense of justice. He survived of the Bugs II Project 20 years prior. His experience, combat ability and a sense of obligation to end the A.E. Virus epidemic he unwittingly started brought him to his post as captain of the Annex I. He's unmarried, but worries that only other men will be interested in him due to his age. He is a 6-dan in Karate.

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Voice actors:

Hidenobu Kiuchi, Japanese