Shun Aurora



Adult, Glasses


Gender: Male
Hair colour: Blonde
Government Investigative Office of Department of Security, Central Headquarters General Manager, age 27
Daisuke's older brother and the General Manager of Special Services, Shun prides himself on his rational and logical thinking. Shun's logical nature is usually in conflict with Daisuke's more impulsive personality. This causes a gap between the two brothers, despite the fact that Shun raised Daisuke after their father's death at the hand of an android. Another point of contention between them is Shun's inability to forgive his mother for leaving their family when Shun was 9 and Daisuke 3. Shun is responsible for the partnership of his brother with J.
Voiced by: Shinichirō Miki (Japanese), Lex Lang (English)

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Heat Guy J TV, 2002
Heat Guy J: Angel Bonus, 2003

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Voice actors:

Shinichiro Miki, Japanese
Lex Lang, English
Martin May, German
Alexandre Marconatto, Brazilian
Jun Seok Song, Korean
Si Ho Hong, Korean
Alexandre Coadour, French