Shuuichi AIZAWA


Alternative names:

Shuichi Aizawa
相沢 周市
あいざわ しゅういち
あいざわ しゅういち、Shuuichi Aizawa


Human, Adult, Police Officer, Suit, Tie, Afro


Gender: Male
Blood type: B
Eye colour: Brown
Hair colour: Black
Hair length: To Ears
Height/size: 1.83m
Nationality: Japan
Weight: 70kg
Aizawa, with the investigation team alias of Aihara, leaves the investigation team and remains in the police force after L gives the team members the choice to quit, but continues to assist the investigation team when necessary as a member of the police. Upon L's death, Aizawa returns to the investigation team to work under Light. Upon hearing that the 13 days rule (refer to written rules of the Death Note) is false, he begins to suspect that Light is actually Kira, and contacts Near. Aizawa passes certain information to Near that leads him to deduce Kira's real identity (i.e. Light), and Near briefly holds him at the SPK headquarters. Near agrees to release Aizawa and Mogi afterwards. In the finale, he becomes the leader of the investigation team.
Aizawa has a wife and two children; Aizawa's daughters are named Eriko Aizawa (younger) and Yumi Aizawa (older).

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Voice actors:

Keiji Fujiwara, Japanese
Trevor Devall, English
Péter Fehér, Hungarian
Andreas Meese, German
Tae Yeol Jeon, Korean
Carlo Vázquez, Spanish
Jaume Aguiló, Spanish