Soichiro TANAKA


Alternative names:

田中 総市郎,
たなか そういちろう
タナカ ソウイチロウ


Human, Student, Otaku, University Student, Cosplayer, Teenager


Gender: Male
Age: 19
Blood type: AB
Eye colour: Closed
Hair colour: Black
Hair length: To Neck
Nationality: Japan
Birthday: December 22
Blood type: AB
Favorite Manga: The Seven Star Stories
Favorite Anime: Ryunos: the castle in the Sky, Conan the boy from the Future
Favorite Games: Yuujiro Tactic, The Story of Mr.Stupid
Game Character: Dr.Haywood
Ringtone: FFX - Hurry
Of the three original upperclassmen, Tanaka's personality is more neutral than the others. He is generally not as eager to rant as Madarame, but is more comfortable with himself than Kugayama. A hardcore cosplayer and costume designer, Tanaka is able to bring what should be impractical or even impossible costumes to life. Tanaka is also an expert plamo (plastic model) builder and is not afraid to teach anyone who is willing to learn. While well-versed in many areas of model and figure culture, Tanaka is personally not experienced with figure-modeling, but attempts to learn by sculpting a model of Shinobu from Kujibiki Unbalance.
Tanaka finds his dream girl in Ohno, who becomes not only the ideal model for his costumes, but also his girlfriend. He also makes costumes for Saki and Ogiue, though this can be attributed to his love of costume design, and not any sort of romantic feelings towards either of them. Tanaka believes that models and cosplay are two separate worlds, and treats those two worlds somewhat differently. "Figures are figures. Cosplay is cosplay."
Soichiro TANAKA Soichiro TANAKA Soichiro TANAKA Soichiro TANAKA Soichiro TANAKA Soichiro TANAKA Soichiro TANAKA Soichiro TANAKA Soichiro TANAKA

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Voice actors:

Tomokazu Seki, Japanese
Bill Rogers, English
Takayuki Kondou, Japanese
Damien Da Silva, French