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Egomaniac, Human, Rascal, Show-off, Shougakusei~小学生, Assassin, Big Ego, Dual Wielder, Headband, Knife Fighter, Mischievous, Scar, Video Gamer, Arm Guards, Facial Mark, Gloves, Long Bangs, Twin Blade, Facial Scar, Teenager


Gender: Male
Eye colour: Red
Hair colour: Green
Hair length: To Chest
Sora is a Twin Blade player killer who enjoys hunting players down, especially attractive female ones, and demanding their Member Addresses in exchange for their lives. He sees Tsukasa as the strongest link to the Key of the Twilight, and starts to work with BT in the quest for the item. He also helps BT and the others to contact Helba. Sora frequently tangles with Crim, who seems as powerful as himself.
In the real world, Sora's player is a boy in the 4th grade named Ryou Misaki.
In the series' final episode, Sora betrays Morganna, buying Tsukasa and the others time to escape. After briefly taunting Morganna, Sora attempts to gate out, but fails. Morganna summons Skeith, the first of the 8 Phases. Skeith then performs Data Drain upon Sora, imprisoning him in his wand, and throwing Sora's player into a coma in the real world.
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Voice actors:

Hiroshi Yanaka, Japanese
Dave Wittenberg, English
Sérgio Corsetti, Brazilian
Yann Pichon, French
Rolman Bastidas, Spanish
Francesco Meoni, Italian
Walter von Hauff, German
In Seong O, Korean