Alternative names:



Magic User, Monster, Pointy Ears


Gender: Female
Hair colour: Black
Grape, Suzuran, and Housenka are a trio of youma under the control of Zoisite in episode 024 (Naru-chan's Tears! The Death of Nephrite for Love). Zoisite enlists their help to get the Kurozuishou from Nephrite. In order to do this, they kidnap Naru Osaka, with whom Nephrite is in love, and leave a note for Nephrite telling him that he can exchange the Kurozuishou for the girl. They take her to an abandoned night club called Rag Time, and Nephrite follows. Once he arrives, Suzuran and Grape immediately begin to attack him, but he knocks them away. Housenka then attacks, but Nephrite draws a sword on her and tells her that he will never give the Kurozuishou to them. He then manages to free Naru and carry her away. The youma eventually find Nephrite and Naru again, and attack the pair. Nephrite pushes Naru out of the way, and several huge thorns pierce his right shoulder. Suzuran and Housenka appear, and Grape tells Nephrite that the thorns will keep drawing out his energy until he finally dies. They then tell him to hand over the Kurozuishou or they will kill Naru. He finally agrees to hand it over, and tells Naru to run away quickly. She refuses to run away, and runs to him to attempt to pull out the thorns. He tells her to stop and leave, but she does manage to pull one of the thorns out. This infuriates Grape, who attacks the pair with a huge burst of energy, causing a large explosion. The Kurozuishou hits the ground at their feet. Nephrite protects Naru from the explosion, bringing him even closer to death. Zoisite appears in the sky and collects the Kurozuishou, then tells Nephrite that he should be happy to die with the girl he loves. Zoisite then instructs the youma to "have plenty of fun" with the couple. Nephrite is extremely angry at Zoisite's cowardly behavior, and he tells Naru to run away. Just as the youma are about to attack the couple again, the Sailor Senshi appear and confront the them. The youma quickly attack, but Sailor Mercury uses her Sabão Spray attack to stop the youma's attack in mid-air. Sailor Moon and Sailor Mars combine their "Moon Tiara Action" and "Fire Soul" attacks to destroy the three youma with a flaming tiara.
Grape had black eyes, red and dark purple hair, and chalk white skin, and she wore a yellow suit. Her seiyuu was Sanae Takagi. Housenka had black eyes, light brown hair, and chalk white skin, and she wore a light purple suit. Her seiyuu was Chie Satou. Suzuran had dark blue/black hair, black eyes, and chalk white skin, and she wore a pale green suit. Suzuran was never named in the episode or in the credits, but her name can be found in the Sailor Moon Nakayoshi Album.

Related anime:

Sailor Moon TV, 1992
Bishoujo Senshi Sailor Moon Memorial OVA, 1998

Voice actors:

Orli Katan, Hebrew