Alternative names:



Catgirl, Eternal Optimist, Huge Breasts, Video Gamer, Stockings, Cheek Curls, Neko, Cat Ears, Tail, Paws, Tights, Boots, Teenager, Animal Ears


Gender: Female
Eye colour: Purple
Hair colour: Brown
Hair length: To Ears
Gender: Female
Class: Tribal Grappler
Real Name: Moe Kubo
Age: 16
As her name implies, Tabby somewhat resembles a cat, with feline ears, claws, and hair that acts like a cat's tail. Her character design is similar to that of a Mithra from Final Fantasy XI. Her weapon of choice is a pair of large cat paws that she uses to slash at enemies. Tabby has been playing about as long as Haseo and usually fights alongside Sakisaka in the field. She often refers to Sakisaka as her "master" or "teacher." She is loyal, friendly and positive (though she points out that she's not cheerful because she wants to be).

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Voice actors:

Megumi Toyoguchi, Japanese
Marÿke Hendrikse, English
Claire Tefnin, French
Sarah Hauser, English