Takefumi TOUNAMI


Alternative names:

となみ たけふみ


Human, Student, Athlete, High School Student, Teenager


Gender: Male
Eye colour: Black
Hair colour: Yellow/Blonde
Hair length: To Ears
As a fat, sickly, and spoiled child, Takefumi was constantly picked on in elementary school. He was somewhat protected by the tomboy Tsubaki, who, while protecting him from other bullies, would bully Takefumi herself. When he asked Tsubaki why she paid attention to him, she told him that a teacher had asked her to look after him. After hearing this, Takefumi is humiliated as he had never been in his life; he is humiliated because he had believed that he was somehow special to Tsubaki, but he realized that she did not care about him at all, and was just obeying a teacher's reque

Related anime:

His and Her Circumstances TV, 1998

Related manga:

Kare Kano Manga, 1995

Voice actors:

Nozomu Sasaki, Japanese
Ted Lewis, English
Simone D'Andrea, Italian
Tobias Müller, German
Ja hyeong Gu, Korean