Tomoyo Daidouji


Alternative names:

大道寺 知世
The Princess of Nihon Country who sends Kurogane on his quest. Tomoyo is intelligent, determined, enthusiastic, and selfless to a fault. With her extreme level of power, Tomoyo has the ability to cross dimensions and have visions of the future through her dreams. She meets Sakura first as another incarnation, "President Tomoyo," and then when the group comes to Nihon Country to rest. Tomoyo cares deeply about others, and sacrifices her dreamer powers to keep the travelers safe.

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Related manga:

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Voice actors:

Maaya Sakamoto, Japanese
Amber Cotton, English
Maria Letizia Scifoni, Italian
Trina Nishimura, English
Gwenäelle Julien, French
Ilona Otto, German
Nuria Trifol, Spanish
Yeon So, Korean