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Daredevil, Human, Bishokuya, Gourmet Hunter, Big Eater, Hunter, Muscular, Scar, Facial Scar, Boots, Jumpsuit, Adult


Gender: Male
Age: 25
Eye colour: Epic
Hair colour: Blue
Hair length: To Shoulders
Height/size: 2.20m
Weight: 230kg
Hors-D'oeuvre: BB Corn
Soup: Century Soup
Fish Dish: Blank
Meat Dish: Blank
Main: GOD (Has yet to acquire it)
Salad: Blank
Dessert: Fruit of Rainbow
Drink: Billion Bird Egg
A Bishoku-ya with an abnormally large appetite (a food serving for 500 people could only get him 1/10 full). Toriko is 25 years old, the same age as Komatsu. He is known as one of the "Four Heavenly Kings", and his nickname is "The Glutton". Despite having a huge appetite and massive power, he doesn't indiscriminately kill and eat any animal; he only kills those animals he decides to eat. He has immunity to seventy different poisons, created by injecting himself with a near fatal dose of each poison and causing his body to create antibodies. He also has an animal-like sense of smell. He has adopted the Battle Wolf's new born pup and named it Terry Cloth. Like the other Kings, Toriko started of as a chain animal.
Hunting Method: Toriko relies on his sheer monster-like strength to capture his targets.
Full Course Menu: Currently, Toriko has yet to fill his menu in any slot but Hors-D'oeuvre, Soup and dessert. He decided that the Dish God will be his main dish.
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Voice actors:

Takashi Kondou, Japanese
Ryotaro Okiayu, Japanese
Ian Sinclair, English
Wan Gyeong Seong, Korean
Antoine Nouel, French

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