Alternative names:



Enigma, Human, Mecha Pilot, Smoker, Sword Fighter, Coat, Boots, Cape, Belt, Spiky Bangs, Adult


Gender: Male
Eye colour: Red
Hair colour: Green
Hair length: Past Waist
The First Neck (一の首, Ichi no kubi), he is considered to be the leader and the most powerful of the Orochi. Tsubasa is a tall teal-haired bishōnen, as well as a (presumed) sociopathic criminal with a long record, starting with the murder of his abusive father, whom he killed in order to protect his younger brother.
Tsubasa is also Sōma's biological older brother, having left the young child in the care of the Ōgami family when he went on the run. When all the other necks failed at taking his brother down, Tsubasa was ultimately successful. Sōma has few memories of him, and Tsubasa is hesitant to harm him seriously when they first fight; he is more focused on totally "converting" Sōma to the Orochi cause than killing the Priestesses.
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Voice actors:

Yasunori Matsumoto, Japanese
Liam O'Brien, English