Tsuyako Udate


Alternative names:

右楯 月夜子
The main heroine for volume 4 of the novel. Her model character in "Tales of Genji" is Oborotsukuyo.
She is the only member of the Buyou club in Heian Academy, and is also the former fiancee of Mikado Kazuaki. Described as a beautiful girl with long red hair, she was sometimes feared by members of Mikado family for inheriting Udate's "Spider Bloodstream" which said would lure and suck men dry.
She went abroad with Hikaru to England to attend middle school there. She was caught having affairs with Hikaru in the dormitory and was sent back. She is very proud of this relationship, and therefore neither envy nor admire any other women that were having affairs too with Hikaru. Asai has a almost biased hatred toward Tsuyako, but Tsuyako shows no dislike to Asai.
Although she seems having an outgoing personality, she actually has a very deep inferiority complex. This was due to the continuous abuse from members of Mikado family (especially from Kazuaki) since she was very little.
In volume 4, she was threatened by Kazuaki to join the plan of kidnapping Aoi. With Koremitsu's help, she was finally able to have the courage against Kazuaki, and says farewell to Hikaru with a superb Buyou performance. She now watches over Koremitsu as an upper classmate.

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