Alternative names:



Cyborg, Happy-go-lucky, Human, Military, Rascal, Es Member, Child


Gender: Female
Age: 9
Eye colour: Blue
Hair colour: Pink
Hair length: To Ears
The youngest member of the ES Force, Viola is one of the more precocious members. She also seems to be the main voice of her partnership with Cesario. She often gives the other ES Members nicknames. Viola is also a "C Class" member, although a bit above Eclair and Lumiere's rank. Her power "Calamity", which allows her to disperse matter at the molecular level, requires a great deal of energy which is supplied by Cesario's ability so can only be used when she is in physical contact with him. Viola is also often seen with a cute stuffed animal named Dragon Papi.
Viola's name comes from Shakespeare's play, "Twelfth Night".
Rank: GOTT ES Member, C-Class
Age: 9
Partner: Cesario
Abilities: Calamity (Only works if with Cesario)
Viola Viola Viola Viola

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Voice actors:

Ai Tokunaga, Japanese
Alison Viktorin, English
Adeline Moreau, French