Alternative names:

Buriki no Wapol
Tin-Plate Wapol


Human, Adult, Pirate, Royalty, Superpowers, Tyrant


Gender: Male
Birthday: 9. August
Eye colour: Black
Hair colour: Purple
Hair length: To Neck
King Wapol is the former ruler of the Drum Empire, later renamed Sakura Kingdom. He ate the Baku Baku no Mi (バクバクの実, Munch Munch Fruit), which allows him to eat virtually anything and take on its properties. Wapol uses this power many times against Monkey D. Luffy in acts such as chomping his two advisers into a single warrior, or shooting bombs from his "Baku Baku Factory" pistol arms. He even tries to eat all the weapons inside his massive armory room to turn himself into a superweapon. Though, Nami manages to steal the key from him when Wapol catches her.Luffy also chases him to a room after chessmarimo is defeated where he reveals a large cannon called the "Bre King Royal Drum Crown VII Cannon" ("mega monster seven barrel super shot" in the dub). Although, when he was about to shoot Luffy, he realized that it was jammed by a snowbird nest. Probably the most shocking thing about Wapol is that he was able to swallow himself, and munch away all his excess body fat, turning him into an extra skinny form when he found himself too big to follow Nami through a small doorway. He brags a lot about being the king of Drum Island. Wapol is blasted far away from Drum Island by Luffy's Gomu Gomu No Bazooka/Gum Gum Bazooka and soon lands in a forest village. He wakes up and eats everything in sight transforming to whatever he eats. He soon starts making toys out of what he eats in which the village children are entertained with. A man sees this and offers Wapol a job. Wapol soon accepts and after making many toys becomes the CEO of a gigantic toy corporation and is now dating miss universe.
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Voice actors:

Bin Shimada, Japanese
Andy Mullins, English
Mario Zucca, Italian
Gilberto Baroli, Brazilian
Matt Hoverman, English
Jong Gu Lee, Korean
Brian Zimmerman, English
Dirk Galuba, German
Stéphane Miquel, French

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