Weldeschtein Krom Raggs


Alternative names:



Gender: Male
Hair colour: Brown
He is Teito's father, the former king of Raggs and the one who sealed Teito's memories.
The King wasn't aware of that the Pope might seal Verloren's body within Teito, making him 'The Pandora's Box' (practically a source of all evil). But when that happens, the King makes Teito become the Vessel of the Eye of Michael in order to make sure Teito's soul not be overcome by what was sealed in him. At this time, the Barsburg Empire comes to attack Raggs, under the impression that Raggs made a declaration of war since the messenger that Raggs sent to tell Barsburg about the Pope was killed, making Barsburg believes Raggs has stolen Pandora's Box.
The King of Raggs was killed in the war against the Military and the by the hand of Ayanami.

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Voice actors:

Hiroki Takahashi, Japanese