Yoshimichi Okudaira


Alternative names:





Gender: Male
Eye colour: Black
Hair colour: Gray
Hair length: To Ears
Okudaira Akira and Shinobu's father, Okudaira Shouko's husband.
He is the patriarch of the family and is moderately in tune to the lives of his children, though his involvement in their lives is rather unwanted and exasperates them. His doggedness and tactlessness in enquiring about their lives is highly reminiscent to Shinobu's behaviour, and the young man says that his father is more persistent than even him.
He attends Akira's schools functions, and goes to the drama festival both years even though in the first, Akira only worked as a stagehand.
He knows that Shinobu is dating Mogi and boldly asks him in front of Shouko and Akira if the two have "done anything funny" together as yet, much to the disgust of the Okudaira women.
Most of the time, he likes to sit and read the paper. Unlike his wife, whenever Akira and Shinobu fights, he just asks them what is going on and leaves it at that and returns to whatever he is doing; so it seems his wife is the disciplinarian in the family.

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