Alternative names:



Human, Orphan, Teenager, Thief


Gender: Male
Eye colour: Mint green
Hair colour: Black
Hair length: To Ears
Yugo was a young man who lived in Scrap Iron City, and his story is the most tragic of the series. Orphaned at a young age, he went to live with his older brother and his wife. While there, Yugo’s life was possibly the happiest it was been. But it wouldn’t be long before that was to end.
Yugo’s brother worked as an engineer for ‘The Factory’, which recycled the refuse from Zalum. He dreamed of traveling to that floating city, and to that end designed a hot-air balloon to do it. The risk was great; constructing aircraft was forbidden, and to do so risked having a bounty placed on one’s head. But Yugo’s brother was undeterred, continuing to work in secret until it was completed. But on that day, the cyborg hunter/warrior Gime attacked, taking the head of Yugo’s brother, as well as slicing off his right hand out of sheer spite. Yugo later learned that it was his sister-in-law that had informed The Factory, fearing that her husband would leave her and deciding that, if she couldn’t have him... then no one would! Her current whereabouts are unknown. Ever since, Yugo had wore a scar around his right wrist... to remember his brother and to make his dream to travel to Zalum reality.
For the next three years afterward, Yugo worked as a ‘jack-of-all-trades’, often plying his many talents to the citizens of Scrap Iron City. However, he views them with utter contempt, feeling that they are nothing but scavengers living off Zalum’s refuse. Hoping for a quicker means of buying passage to Zalum, Yugo approached the corrupt businessman Vector. Sensing an easy mark, Vector said he ‘could’ find it possible – provided Yugo could come-up with the 10,000,000 in credit chips as payment, a sum he figured could take a lifetime. But Yugo, through hard work and frugal living, managed to approach that lofty sum in THREE! But feeling that he wasn’t earning money fast enough, Yugo, along with a friend Taji, took-up a risky gambit – attacking and selling the spines of cyborgs to Vector.
It was during this period that Yugo had met Gally, and the two soon struck-up a deep friendship. Yugo had told the cyborg about his dreams, as well as his disgust for Scrap Iron City. Gally, however, found this young boy interesting, and soon fell in love with him.
But soon everything came crashing down. One night, Yugo and Taji thought they had found an easy mark, and enticed a cyborg into an offer for lubrication, hoping to steal his spine. But it turned-out the cyborg was in-fact a hunter/warrior, and had trapped Yugo, injuring his right shoulder. Taji then made the mistake of calling-out his friend’s name and tried to save him, only to be decapitated. But it was enough distraction for Yugo, and made good his escape.
But the damage had been done; a bounty was placed on Yugo’s head, and Gally, who was now a hunter/warrior herself, was horrified. She then sought-out Yugo, and confronted him about it. Yugo then told Gally about his brother and his plans. Gally, who was collecting credit chips herself hoping to travel to Zalum with him, then offered her credits so that he can combine the totals make the journey first.
But as Yugo was returning with his credit chips, he was attacked – by Gime, effectively killing him. Gally soon fought Gime and killed-him, but felt helpless that she couldn’t save Yugo. Then an unusual savior appeared – Chiren, who had followed her and listened to Yugo’s story herself. Working fast, Chiren bypassed Gally’s life-support systems to Yugo’s severed head, allowing oxygen to keep his brain alive. Gally then took him to Daisuke Ito, who was able to construct a cyborg body for the boy. Chiren was later killed by Vector, who harvested her organs for sale to Zalum, in-part keeping his ‘promise’ to return Chiren to Zalum. He was later killed by Ito.
While Yugo was recovering, he happened to overhear a conversation that Ito had with Gally – that it was impossible to buy passage to Zalum, that the only way to live there was to be born there. Not wishing to believe it, Yugo broke out of Ito’s office. Taking a desperate route, he climbed the transit tubes that held Zalum over Scrap Iron City, but his metal feet were damaged by the large rings that kept ‘vermin’ – meaning anyone foolish enough to climb the tubes – away. He was within reach of his quest when Gally called out to him, then confessed her love for him and asked him to return. But soon, another ring came down, and Yugo was severly damage, barely caught by Gally. However, the damage to Yugo’s arm was too great, and with Gally watching in horror, the arm broke and Yugo fell to his death, a happy smile on his face.
(source: Absolute Anime)
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Voice actors:

Kappei Yamaguchi, Japanese
Spike Spencer, English
Massimiliano Alto, Italian
Su Jin Kang, Korean