Yuu Kanai


Alternative names:

奏井 夕雨
She is the main heroine for volume 2 of the novel. Her model character in "Tale of Genji" is Yuugao.
She enrolled in Heian Academy as a "common people," and was abused for having love affair with "noble member" Toujyou Syungo, this turned out to be a rumor, but she refused to go to school ever since because of the psychological trauma. She lives in an old apartment with her cat, and let no one enters her house except in one occasion which Hikaru enters. She claimed to have no love relationship with Hikaru. Since her parents were divorced, she was supported by her father, but her father could no longer afford the cost anymore, so her mother wanted to take her to Australia so she could be taken cared. She was too afraid to go.
With Koremitsu's help, she was able to step out of her apartment. She became the "first love" of Koremitsu, and the first girl who he kissed. But the love lingers merely a few days as Yuu decided to go to Australia. Her cat was adopted by Koremitsu.
She makes her reappearance at the end of Volume 8, and unwillingly involved in the Miakado family affairs again.

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