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She is a tall, sporty girl who is the manager of her school's football (soccer) team. She is known among her friends for being a big football fan as well.
Yuuka harbours deep feelings for her long time friend Miwa. She tells Miwa that she loves her, though Miwa thinks that she is joking. She harbours her unrequited feelings quietly and is heartbroken when she figures out that her best friend is in love with a guy from the school's football team.
She hates herself for loving Miwa so much that she is the link between her and Misumi (the one Miwa likes). Miwa gives her a love letter to pass on to Misumi and Yuuka can only stare at it and get angry before she decides what she wants to do with it.
Yuuka tried everything she could to subtly get Miwa to love her back, even cutting off her hair in the style that Misumi wears his own hair, but it seems that her love will forever be one-sided and secret.
She wrote her own love letter to Miwa back when they were in junior high, but Yuuka never gave to the one she loved.
[This character appears in the chapter "Love Letter".]

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