Yuuko Nakajima


Alternative names:

中島 裕子
One of Ogiue's friends from her junior high school days, Nakajima worked on writing scripts for yaoi dōjinshi which Ogiue would then draw. When she notices the relationship between Ogiue and Makita, she appears to grow jealous of the two, orchestrating the event that Ogiue carries as a mark of shame from that point on. Her appearance (along with Shigeta) at Comifes while Ogiue is selling her newest dōjinshi greatly disturbs Ogiue emotionally, until her bitter reminiscence is interrupted by the arrival of Susie.

Related anime:

Genshiken 2 TV, 2007
Genshiken Second Generation TV, 2013

Related manga:

Genshiken: The Society for the Study of Modern Visual Culture Manga, 2002

Voice actors:

Aya Endou, Japanese
Mari Hino, Japanese