Alternative names:

車谷 善之介




Gender: Male
Birthday: 25. January
Eye colour: Black
Hair colour: Brown
He is a Shinigami with an afro who appears almost exclusively in omake chapters. He replaces Rukia Kuchiki in guarding Karakura Town from hollows after she is sentenced to be executed. Working in Karakura Town causes him great annoyance; not only are most of hollows destroyed by other, more central, characters before he arrives on the scene, somehow an unusually high number of townsfolk can see him. When he complains of this to Soul Society, he is brushed off and told not to interfere with the other spiritually aware people around town. He remains in Karakura after Ichigo's return, last being seen to warn the Karakura-Rizer team that an Arrancar is coming. Despite that we don't know his division in the manga, the game Bleach: Soul Carnival consider him as 13th's member (considering that he is needed to fulfill the Bonus : 13th Division).
* Shikai: When released with the command "Good Morning" (おはよう, ohayō), it takes the form of a chakram with a wooden handle embedded in the blade. It was only shown in the anime.
Shikai Special Ability: By slamming the ground, Tsuchinamazu creates spikes of earth that can impale enemies.

Related anime:

Bleach TV, 2004

Related manga:

Bleach Manga, 2001

Voice actors:

Masahito Yabe, Japanese
Kirk Thornton, English
Keith Silverstein, English
Attila Bodrogi, Hungarian
Lucas Bleger, French