Zepia Eltnam Oberon

Voice actor: Yasunori Masutani
Main Antagonist of Melty Blood. Number 13 of the 27 Ancestors of the Dead Apostles. A Dead Apostle whose form is that of a phenomenon instead of a real creature, a disembodied Tatari (Literally "Curse") with the power to grant physical shape to the fears and rumours that circulate within a community. He has no definite form, though the name by which he is usually referred to belong to the first fear he ever manifested: the image of the vampire that was falsely believed to haunt the province of Wallachia in Romania, Count Dracula.
Originally an alchemist from Atlas named Zepia Eltnam Oberon, a member of the prestigious noble family of Eltnam, for whose downfall he was responsible for. During his research, the ability of the Atlas alchemists to calculate and predict the future eventually revealed to him that only destruction would be an absolute result for the world. Obsessed and driven mad by this realization, he sought to achieve the miracle known as The Sixth with the intention of creating an impossible future that would escape even his calculations. His metamorphosis into the Tatari, theorized and formulated as part of his research of The Sixth, was realized through a pact with Altrouge Brunestud who summoned the Crimson Moon and transformed him into the curse, casting him into a cycle by which he would continuously manifest in pre-calculated areas, the journey destined to finalize a thousand years later when the reappearance of the Crimson Moon would return him to his original form as Zepia Eltnam.
The nature of his being resides in his Reality Marble, the Night of Wallachia, which allows the materialization of fears into physical entities. In order to manifest himself, Wallachia requires that a certain condition be met: The community in which he should appear must be circulating an increased amount of malignant information, such as urban tales, fright stories, unfounded assumptions and all manner of rapidly spreading but ultimately void rumours. This information is what Wallachia uses as the conduit for his power, and is even capable of condensing it onto the Night on the Blood Liar, a rapidly swirling torrent of virtual information of such magnitude that is even capable of having an effect on the physical world by sucking blood in quantities as massive as entire cities. Because he is indeed nothing but a materialized rumour, complete destruction of his being is impossible, as no matter how many times the material forms are obliterated, the reoccurring phenomenon will ensure his reappearance. Furthermore, the behaviour of each appearance is subject to that of the model created by the circulating information, yet no matter what this becomes, its personality will invariably be twisted into that of the bloodthirsty Dead Apostle.
In Melty Blood, Wallachia appeared within the city of Misaki and was able to manifest the fear present in several of the main characters' hearts, creating entities such as an evil Arcueid who had succumbed to her bloodlust, a form of the bloodthirsty assassin side of Shiki Tohno and even the memory of Nrvnqsr Chaos. He was eventually destroyed when Arcueid used her Marble Phantasm to prematurely summon the Crimson Moon, stripping Wallachia of his power and giving him a definite material form, after which he was killed by Shiki Tohno.

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