Manga, vol.5 (1989)



Genres: Comedy, Ecchi, Harem, Romance, Drama, Seinen
Tags: Hero of Weak Character
Release Date: 03.1989 ‑ 06.1990
Studios: Shobunkan, Kodansha Ltd.
Type: Manga (1989)
Volumes: 5, Chapters: 25

Alternative names:

1 + 2 = Paradise
One Plus Two Equal Paradise
Ichi tasu Ni wa Paradise
Yusuke has some problems with his fear of women. It was caused by two female twins who were his childhood friends and were always teasing him. The problems get more complicated when said twins, who are in love with him after he saved them from a wild dog as a child, come back to town at the request of his father in order to help him overcome his fear. The twins will do everything in their power to make Yusuke theirs, even at the cost of his sanity.
Yusuke has been afraid of women since childhood. His problems are compounded when the very twins who caused his phobia come to live with him. Both girls have been in love with him since their first encounter, in which he saved them from a vicious stray dog. Because of his phobia, their affections are little better for him now than they were when he was little. His days of suffering have returned.


Sumiko Kamimura (Story & Art)

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