Manga (2008)



Genres: Action, Comedy, Romance, Shounen
Tags: Martial Arts, Present, School, Slapstick
Release Date: 04.02.2008
Type: Manga (2008)

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Mondo Fujieda is in love with his classmate Izayo Gorugo, who became an outcast because of her essay on "my family". There she wrote about her parents and grandfather being assassins – which nobody believes, so now everyone avoids her. Only Fujieda won't be satisfiesd with this situation and he makes the decision to do something about it. Unfortunately the plan fails and his efforts end up in a mess. Gorugo is humiliated in front of the whole class and therefore she swears to kill him. Soon after the incident Gorugo transferred to another school and they meet again only after a few years had passed. This time she will fulfill her promise to attain vengeance and Fujieda has to fear for his life. What is an average guy to do against a skilled assassin?
As a child, Mondo Fujieda reached out to a quiet, solitary girl named Izayo Gorugo. Rumored to have a family of assassins, everyone believed Izayo to be a weird liar, except Mondo; so one day on a field trip, he offered her a piece of candy - a piece of candy which promptly caused her to vomit. Swearing to kill him one day, Izayo moved away; and over the years, Mondo became a proper delinquent. Now, in high school, Mondo is surprised to see Izayo back in his life as a transfer student - and she's ready and willing to make good on her promise. With a gang of thugs to back him up, Mondo will do whatever it takes to keep his life intact, much to his dismay!


Hideaki Sorachi (Story & Art)

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