Manga, vol.1 (2007)



Genres: Romance, Shoujo
Release Date: Oct 12, 2007
Type: Manga (2007)
Volumes: 1, Chapters: 4

Alternative names:

PS I Love You
Happy Honey
1. PS I Love You
Arisu finds a letter stuck inside a book. The person who wrote the love letter is Himura Tsubaki and he meant to give it to Suzuko. She texts the number that Tsubaki provided and pretends to be Suzuko.
2. Koibana
Yuuka, a young hostess, every guy wants to do "it" with her and they think she's experienced. Truth be told, she isn't. She always finds an excuse to not do "it". One day a client named Hiroshi (Hiro for short) asks her to help him practice to become more of a man. Yuuka helps him and as the days past, love unravels unexpectedly.
3. 17-sai
In her 3rd year of middle school, she caught her boyfriend in bed with another girl. Now Nakura Yuu in high school and rejects any boy who even says the word "love". One day, Yuu her best boy friend Kashiwada got drunk and did "it" in the bathroom. The next day Kashiwada told her to forget what happened. To Yuu, that day was special for her since she liked Kashiwada. But for him it must have been just any old day...
Also included in Kono Koi ni Namidasuru!
4. Happy Honey
A girl finds her perfect guy, but learns that her distrustful ways can break even the most perfect of relationships.


Rin Mikimoto (Story & Art)