Ageha o Ou Monotachi

Manga, vol.4 (2009)



Genres: Action, Adventure, Comedy, Ecchi, Romance, Science-Fiction, Supernatural, Mystery, Seinen
Tags: Bounty Hunter, Hero of Strong Character, Heroine of Strong Character, Space
Release Date: 04.07.2009 ‑ 04.12.2010
Studios: Kadokawa Shoten
Type: Manga (2009)
Volumes: 4, Chapters: 18

Alternative names:

Those Who Chase the Butterfly
Ageha wo Ou Monotachi
Those Who Chase the Ageha
Those Who Chase the Butterflies
In the year 2039 Ageha Shiraishi is sentenced to death after strong evidence found her guilty of killing her four roomates. She claims she is innocent but no one will listen to the words of an well versed actress. Ageha is sent to Talsis Prison where she meets the prison guard, Kenzaki Kyousuke, who gets the feeling she may actually be innocent. Before the day is done Ageha escapes prison and Kenzaki gets fired for incompetence. Ten years later Kenzaki is on the hunt for the mysterious Ageha.
Galactic Calendar year 2039, Mars. Shiraishi Ageha is sentenced to death because of her being accused of killing four people. Kisaragi Ayako is the chief of prison where she's locked up and the man who is guarding her is Kenzaki Kyousuke. A story about finding the truth.


Yu Yagami (Story & Art)