Angel Magister

Manga, vol.1 (2009)



Genres: Comedy, Fantasy, Magic, School
Tags: Magic, School
Release Date: 26.06.2009 ‑ 2009
Studios: Kadokawa Shoten
Type: Manga (2009)
Volumes: 1

Alternative names:

ANGEL MAGISTER エンジェル マギスター
There is a world which is divided into the heaven region and the devil region. Baal is the man who leads the army of the devil region and tries to fight the heaven region. But his ambition is soon destroyed.... He is confined for 100 years and all his memories are erased. He is now released, but there is no job to take.... But one day, he is recruited as a teacher at a magic school in the heaven region. He jumps at the chance and decides to work there. In his class, there are a lot of dropout students. He takes in charge of three students and works hard! Days later, his ex-coworkers suddenly appear from the devil region and the atmosphere of the heaven region gradually becomes uneasy...


Eiji Usatsuka (Art),
Katsumi Kawai (Story)