Blood: The Last Vampire 2000

Manga, vol.1 (2001)



Genres: Ecchi, Violence, Thriller, Horror, Vampire
Tags: Contemporary Fantasy, Present, Splatter, Swords & Co, Vampires
Release Date: 04.2001
Studios: Kadokawa Shoten
Type: Manga (2001)
Volumes: 1, Chapters: 6

Alternative names:

ブラッド ザ・ラストヴァンパイア 2000
Blood: The Last Vampire (2002)
Blood the Last Vampire
The Last Vampire 2002 is a powerfully drawn original graphic novel narrative based on characters and situations from the 2001 anime Blood - The Last Vampire, once the fastest-selling title in the history of Manga Entertainment. Taken from a concept developed by Ghost in the Shell's Mamoru Oshii, one of the 21st century's hottest young comics artists, Benkyo Tamaoki, updates the Vietnam War-era anime story to present-day, 2002 Japan. The immortal Saya returns--a generation later, but still clad in her trademark sailor suit and armed with ancient samurai sword--continuing her holy war against the vampiric Chiropterans. Bloody, weird high school hi-jinks ensue, reminiscent of a graphically violent version of Buffy the Vampire Slayer.
In 2000, 39 years after the events of the movie, Saya hunts another den of Chiropterans, but the one in charge of the Chiropterans appears to be Saya's twin. Meanwhile, more is learned of Saya's relationship with the US Government, her origin and that of the US Government.


Benkyo Tamaoki (Story & Art)

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