Bloody Maiden: Juusanki no Shima

Manga, vol.2 (2010)



Genres: Drama, Ecchi, Violence, Horror, Supernatural, Mystery, Shounen
Tags: Martial Arts, Present, Swords & Co
Release Date: 09.12.2010 ‑ 09.05.2012
Studios: Kadokawa Shoten
Type: Manga (2010)
Volumes: 2, Chapters: 11

Alternative names:

Bloody Maiden 十三鬼の島
Bloody Maiden: Die Insel der 13 Dämonen
Bloody Maiden: Toomarimiki no Shima
12 members of the Fujimigahara Girls' Academy's Naginata club arrive at a remote island belonging to the club president's family. Legend has it that the remote island had long ago been the hideout of a group of extremely cruel bandits, and that priceless treasures - the fruits of their plunders - are still hidden somewhere on the island.
All is well until their club adviser and two members are brutally murdered. Thereby the curtain rises on the surviving girls' life-threatening battle with a bizarre masked killer...


Sutarou Hanao (Art),
Kikuhiko Taida (Story)

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Hitoe Tsurumi