Boku No Marie

Manga, vol.10 (1994)



Genres: Comedy, Romance, Science-Fiction, Slice of Life, Ecchi, Seinen
Tags: Present, Robots & Androids
Release Date: 24.07.1994 ‑ 23.07.1997
Studios: Shuueisha Inc.
Type: Manga (1994)
Volumes: 10, Chapters: 111

Alternative names:

Boku No Marii
My Dear Marie
Metal Angel Marie
My Marie
Hiroshi Karigari is a college student, a computer and electronics expert, and a timid loser. To fulfill his own fantasy, he designed and built a powerful android modeled after his dream girl and imbued her with the original's personality. It is inevitable that one day the android met the original, and chaotic but funny events soon follow.
Karigari Hiroshi is a total robotics geek/genius who really likes this one girl, Marie. He's too shy to ask her out, so he becomes obsessed with creating a perfect android copy of Marie. He succeeds perfectly in creating Marie, an android with the intelligence and heart/emotions of a human and who looks just like Mari (though with different colored hair). Of course, Karigari never really considered the implications of such a thing...


Sakura Takeuchi (Story & Art)