Crimson Prince

Manga, vol.13+ (2007)



Genres: Comedy, Fantasy, Romance, Shounen, Supernatural
Tags: Celestial Beings, Demons, Magic, Monster, Present, School
Release Date: 22.11.2007 ‑ ?
Studios: Square Enix Co., Ltd.
Type: Manga (2007)
Volumes: 13+

Alternative names:

Crimson Heart Prince
Kurenai Ouji
Koushin Ouji
Kurena Ouji
Kurenai Kokoro Ouji
Kurenai Shin Ouji
Demon prince Koujirou Sakura comes to Earth, enrolling in high school, on a mission to find the human who will threaten the future of the demon realm... and steal their souls! But with no clue as to this human’s identity, Koujirou is at a loss. To make matters worse, the boys’ dorm at his new school is full, and he’s forced to live off campus with a girl! Oh, the humanity...!
Is their meeting a coincidence? Is their love inevitable?
Sakura Koujirou is a demon prince who descends to the human world in order to take human souls. But after a strange turn of events, he somehow ends up living with a human girl, Hana... This is a story of young love, sweet and touching.


Souta Kuwahara (Story & Art)

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