Cutie Honey aGoGo!




Release Date: 2005 ‑ ?
Studios: Tokuma Shoten Publishing Co., Ltd., Kadokawa Shoten

Alternative names:

キューティーハニー aGoGo!
After the death of Professor Kisaragi, Chief of the Japanese Public Security Intelligence Agency Aki Natsuko teams up with the late scientist's android "daughter" Kisaragi Honey to pursue after the criminal group "Panther Claw" and stop their evil deeds against the city of Tokyo. Honey has the ability to transform and create items out of thin-air using her father's device the "i-system" (originally known as the Fixed System of Air Elements). Sister Jill, the leader of Panther Claw, attempts to close in on the duo in her attempt to capture the device for herself, while also setting up a new group of underlings named the "4 Gods". This manga serves as a precursor to Re: Cutie Honey/the Live Action movie, but many plot elements make it not canon.