Manga, vol.23 (1993)



Genres: Ganbatte, Sports, Drama
Tags: Tennis
Release Date: 1993 ‑ 1998
Studios: Shougakukan Inc.
Type: Manga (1993)
Volumes: 23, Chapters: 254

Alternative names:

One day the Yakuza comes knocking on the door of the orphaned Umino siblings. The oldest brother has gone into hiding after acquiring a huge debt. Afraid for her brother, Miyuki agrees to take responsibility for the loan. The yakuza wants her to become a prostitute, Miyuki wants to be a tennis pro. As it turns out, she used to be a very promising player before her parents died. However, becoming a pro is difficult when friends are few and everybody else conspires to make Miyuki's life hell.
One day two yakuza arrive at Miyuki Umino's door to collect the money that her brother Ieyasu took from them. Fortunately Ieyasu left home some time ago, yet unfortunately Miyuki doesn't have the money to pay them back. Afraid of what might happen to her brother, Miyuki agrees to pay the debt off by becoming a tennis pro, but there's a catch: if she fails, she will be forced to become a prostitute!


Naoki Urasawa (Story & Art)

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