Haru Hana

Manga, vol.3 (2004)



Genres: Comedy, Romance, Slice of Life, Shoujo
Tags: Present
Release Date: 17.03.2004 ‑ 17.04.2005
Studios: Kadokawa Shoten
Type: Manga (2004)
Volumes: 3, Chapters: 15

Alternative names:

Haru Hana
Hana Yamada was all set for her big Tokyo debut--She'd just moved from Osaka, and finally thought she had her rather unusual "condition" under control. As long as she's got her beloved green tea by her side, she can totally cure the hives she gets whenever she bumps into a cute boy! No problem. But the day starts off disastrous and only gets worse, culminating in Hana's sister bartering her into indentured servitude at a local relaxation room run by two particularly good-looking young men. Can Hana keep her cool around the flamboyant Shinnosuke, and, even worse, the hot but prickly Haru? Hana may be charmed by Haru's amazing skill at his work and his ability to heal people's hearts, but his personality is undeniably difficult, especially towards her. How to you reach out to someone when you can never actually touch?
Yamada Hana's just moved to Tokyo, and her perfect debut falls disastrously flat. Not only do things at school start off bad, but her demon sister's sold her off to work for Haru, who seems to spend way too much time touching girls. If that weren't enough, Haru's gorgeous, and Hana has a strange condition where she breaks out in hives whenever cute guys touch her!
Hana Yamada has a bizarre condition that causes her to break out in hives whenever she touches a boy. Luckily, a few sips of the green tea she always carries is a quick remedy to her symptoms, and she is able to live a relatively normal life. That is, until Hana is forced to work odd jobs for the flamboyant Shinnosuke and handsome yet hostile Haru, to repay her older sister's debts! Though she's less than thrilled about her new predicament, Hana is determined to do her best and help others. But with her condition, even making friends is harder than it seems!


Yuana Kazumi (Story & Art)