"Koi Shiteru" to Iu Koto ni Shita.

Manga, vol.1 (2009)



Genres: Yaoi
Release Date: 2009 to ?
Type: Manga (2009)
Volumes: 1

Alternative names:

Koi Shiteru to Iukoto ni Shita
Koishiteru to Iu Koto ni Shita
"Koi Shiteru" to Iu Koto ni Shita.
Yamamoto Rizu is a utility man/ handyman in a 'convenience' company where his job changes from day to day doing mostly physical jobs like construction while others would be doing jobs like investigations.
Because one co-worker had a business trip, Rizu got volunteered to be Miyoushi's, another co-worker, sleepover buddy because he can't fall asleep without someone else nearby. Rizu's light joke of 'he wouldn't mind if Miyoushi was his partner' since he can't leave to hang out with girls causes a change in their relationship. Miyoushi offers and continues to be Rizu's partner while Rizu continues to sleepover keeping Miyoushi company.
Rizu and Miyoushi's working relationship became more but Miyoushi's past seems to have found him. While Miyoushi's trying his best to keep his past from Rizu, will their relationship progress or will it end?


Naoka Kasuga (Story & Art)