Koi wa Ranhanshasuru: 0 or 0 Koi ga Hajimaru

Manga, vol.1 (2005)



Genres: Drama, Romance, Yaoi
Tags: School
Release Date: 30.11.2005 ‑ 29.07.2006
Studios: Kadokawa Shoten
Type: Manga (2005)
Volumes: 1, Chapters: 5

Alternative names:

恋は乱反射する。 0 or 0 恋がはじまる
Koi wa Ranhansha Suru: 0 or 0 Koi ga Hajimaru
Cold beauty uke is member of the calligraphy club in university, and is always taken advantage of by the other members, by pushing all the tasks on him. He's in love with playboy seme, who's in the same year as uke. Due to jealousy and other circumstances, seme forces uke in a sexual relationship. It escalates into an uke-breakdown, and they return to being just friends, as opposed to sex-friends. The story is about their awkwardness, and how it takes courage to show your true feelings.


Ikuya Fuyuno (Art),
Haruhi Sakiya (Story)