Manga, vol.1 (2003)



Genres: Action, Crime Fiction, Drama, Psychological, Thriller, Shounen
Release Date: 26.06.2003 ‑ 26.09.2003
Studios: Kadokawa Shoten
Type: Manga (2003)
Volumes: 1, Chapters: 4

Alternative names:

Chiko is an average, good-looking schoolgirl with several friends and limited athletic abilities. Then she found the cell phone and everything careens out of control. She receives a call on the phone and a voice on the other end tells her that someone she has never even met has only minutes to live. The voice urges her to save them before it's too late. Chiko, along with her friend Brando, takes it upon herself to stop this string of gruesome deaths and solve the mystery behind the phone calls that proceed each one.
Normal. Carefree.
That was Chiko's life before the day she found the cell phone. Before the voice on the other end said she had scant minutes to save the life of someone she'd never met.
Now, accompanied by her classmate, Bando, Chiko has just one night to stop a series of gruesome suicides before they can occur.
When Chiko found a cell phone and answered it at school one day, she had no idea that the voice on the other end would foretell of an upcoming death that afternoon. Though she hopes it’s just a bad joke Chiko soon discovers that the death is real and more are to come – unless she puts a stop to them. Now, with each call she answers, Chiko has one more person to try to save in time. Alongside her classmate Bando, Chiko will race against the clock in hopes of saving lives – but who is the voice on the other end of the phone?


Yua Kotegawa (Story & Art)

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