Master Keaton

Manga, vol.18 (1988)



Genres: Adventure, Crime Fiction, Drama, Mystery, Historical, Slice of Life, Military, Seinen
Tags: Episodic, Present
Release Date: 11.1988 ‑ 08.1994
Studios: Shougakukan Inc.
Type: Manga (1988)
Volumes: 18, Chapters: 144

Alternative names:

Master キートン
Master Keaton
Taichi Keaton-Hiraga - born of Japanese and British descent. A former SAS agent with remarkable skills in military tactics and archaeology. Keaton is a single father with a part-time job as a world history teacher in Japan. But when certain international issues arise, he is called upon by Lloyd's of London as a special insurance investigator.
Taichi Keaton, a former British special forces operative, now works as an insurance investigator for the world-renowned insurance agency Lloyd's; but his true passion is history and archaeology, which he fulfills by teaching at universities and visiting various ruins. Make no mistake though, there is far more to Mr. Keaton's job than simply filing insurance forms and writing reports! His investigations take him around the world and into situations ranging from run-ins with the Russian mafia to solving murders and even foiling terrorist plots. There's never a dull moment, much to Keaton's dismay!


Naoki Urasawa (Art),
Hokusei Katsushika (Story)

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