Million Tears

Manga, vol.2 (2002)



Genres: Drama, Romance, Shoujo, Supernatural
Tags: Contemporary Fantasy, Present
Release Date: 17.05.2002 ‑ 06.2002
Studios: Kadokawa Shoten
Type: Manga (2002)
Volumes: 2, Chapters: 9

Alternative names:

Hyakuman Tsubu no Namida
A Million Tear Drops
When friends and loved ones begin to disappear, his sense of reality begins to crumble--until the day he runs into a mysterious figure who can erase a person's very existence...
Hiromu is a high school boy who has everything he could ever want: a normal life, friends, and a girlfriend. That is until one day Hiromu asks everyone where Tetsuya is and no one knows. All of his classmates think he is crazy for insisting that this Tetsuya person exists since no one has heard of him. Then on his way home from school Hiromu finally meets a boy who remembers Tetsuya and says that Tetsuya was "delicious" and this isn't the only strange occurrence. This boy seems to think that Hiromu's name is Glorious Lily and that his lover is not his girlfriend, but a beautiful, emotionless girl named Valeriana. With the help of this mysterious boy Hiromu uncovers his past, who Valeriana is and who, or what, he is.
Hiromu Nishizawa can't figure it out – he seems to be the only one at school who remembers a certain classmate that doesn't seem to exist. Though he begins to believe he's  going crazy, the boy then encounters a mysterious person named Vermillion, a man who bears a disturbing message: Hiromu isn't who he appears to be. Now, he must discover the truth about himself and his past – a past that spans decades and beyond...


Yuana Kazumi (Story & Art)

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