Manga, vol.3+ (2007)



Genres: Horror, Psychological, Supernatural, Mystery, Shoujo
Release Date: 25.09.2007 ‑ 25.11.2010
Studios: Shinshokan Co., Ltd.
Type: Manga (2007)
Volumes: 3+

Alternative names:

オトダマ - 音霊 -
Otodama: Voice from the Dead
Kaname Otonashi-the former “Ears of the Police” - has the gift (and curse) of hearing so exceptional that he can sense the screams of the dead. His friend Hide is a former cop whose detective work is perfectly complemented by Kaname's incredible talent. Will the swirl of sound that surrounds Kaname help him solve the city's biggest crimes... or will sonic mayhem finally drive him mad? OTODAMA pits beautiful men against calloused criminals in a battle for the streets! Can an acoustical analysis expert and a penniless P.I. take down a serial murderer before he (or she) orchestrates another killing? In a world consumed by noises, Kaname must find the peace necessary to hear the words of the deceased... and the truth that passes from their lips.


Youka Nitta (Story & Art)