Pii Natsu ga Ippai

Manga, vol.6 (1988)



Genres: Comedy, Romance, Slice of Life, Shoujo
Tags: Present, School
Release Date: 01.1988 ‑ 06.1989
Studios: Kadokawa Shoten
Type: Manga (1988)
Volumes: 6, Chapters: 34

Alternative names:

Nice Summer
Pinatsu ga Ippai
热情仲夏, ぴー夏がいっぱい
P Natsu ga Ippai
Natsume’s first day of her second year at high school is very eventful. For some reason, her new class’ resident beauty Chiyako is determined to be her best friend, and she falls in love at first sight with a freshman, who turns out to be Chiyako’s younger brother, Rui. She soon learns many surprising things about Rui. He is a successful model, but he is also extremely moody, sadistic and malicious. On top of that, he hates summer, which is Natsume’s favorite season. Plain but earnest, Natsume is not put off by any of this and decides to win him over and teach him a lesson or two at the same time!


Emiko Yachi (Story & Art)