Manga, vol.1 (1965)



Genres: Horror, Shoujo
Release Date: 1965 ‑ 1966
Studios: Kodansha Ltd., Kadokawa Shoten
Type: Manga (1965)
Volumes: 1, Chapters: 3

Alternative names:

Hebi Shoujo
Hebi Shojo
Hebishojo: Umezo Kazuo kyoufu gekijo
Madara no Shoujo
Girl mottled
A trio of related short horror stories. In "Scared Of Mama", Yumiko is looking forward to her mother's return home from a long stay in hospital but things don't go as planned after another patient - a mysterious snake woman - takes her mother's place. Yumiko will have to avoid being eaten long enough to reveal the imposter. In "The Spotted Girl", Yumiko travels to the countryside to visit her cousins. Little does she know that the snake woman, out for revenge, has stowed away in her luggage. In "Reptilia", we discover how the snake woman came to be and find that Yumiko is not the first girl to fall victim to the snake monster of Shinobazu swamp and her descendents.
A Japanese village is haunted by the legend of a cursed serpent woman, determined to exact her revenge upon the villagers.
One hundred years ago in rural Japan, a giant snake monster of the swamp set into motion a tale of horror that spans a century. A lovely woman with one eye houses a dangerous secret - she's a snake lady with a murderous desire! From the young Yoko and Satsuki to Yumiko and her mother, the soul of the snake will terrorize them and others in its quest for blood.


Kazuo Umezu (Story & Art)