Slayers: Super Explosive Demon Story

Manga, vol.8 (1995)



Genres: Adventure, Comedy, Fantasy, No genres have been added yet.
Tags: Magic
Release Date: 1995 ‑ 2000
Studios: Kadokawa Shoten
Type: Manga (1995)
Volumes: 8, Chapters: 44

Alternative names:

Choubaku Mahouden Slayers
Mega-Explosive Magical Legend SLAYERS
Slayers RETURN
Lina Inverse doesn't like to brag but she's a genius sorceress, invincible warrior and a legend in her own lunchtime. She's a strikingly gorgeous woman who would give most supermodels a run for their money. Don't hate her because she's beautiful -- Lina's also in need of cold hard cash. When she stumbles upon some loot stashed away by a group of bandits, she figures they won't mind sharing. But when the booty's owners go ballistic (it seems she took a bit more than her share of the spoils), a secret hidden in the treasure holds the key to the ensuing hilarity in this fantasy novel that is sure to cast its spell on everyone!
Lina Inverse, a wandering sorceress and bandit-killer, joins forces with roving swordsman Gourry Gabriev in what's supposed to be a quick union of convenience.
This is the main slayers manga, adapted from the Slayers novels vol.1-8. The fourth volume is adapted from the Slayers Return movie.


Hajime Kanzaka (Story),
Shoko Yoshinaka (Story & Art)

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