The Key to the Kingdom

Manga, vol.6 (2003)



Release Date: 29.05.2003 ‑ 25.12.2004
Studios: Kadokawa Shoten
Type: Manga (2003)
Volumes: 6

Alternative names:

The Key of Kingdoms
Oukoku no Kagi
The kingdoms of Landor, Romul, and Certes were once one kingdom but they split into three warring states. When the king of Landor and his eldest son are killed in battle, the next in line to the throne is the bookish Prince Astarion. He has no interest in being king and the people think he is a poor choice as well. A contest is held to choose the king. Anyone of royal blood can become the next ruler if they can find the Key to the Kingdom, a quasi-mythical object which has the power to make the country flourish. It must be found within two years. Asta decides to accept the challenge, accompanied by a trusted military officer named Badd.