Tsukumogami: Teito Jouhoubu Tokken Chobouin Serosero Nanashiki

One Shot (2014)



Genres: Action, Shounen, Supernatural
Release Date: Jul 22, 2014
Type: One Shot (2014)

Alternative names:

ツクモガミ 帝都情報部特権諜報員零零七式
Tsukumogami: Imperial City Information Bureau Special Privilege Spy Nanashiki Serosero
Tsukumogami: Teito Jouhou-bu Tokkenchobou-in Serosero Nanashiki
The story of the novel series revolves around female middle school student Chiyoko, who is part of her school's naginata club. In her house sleeps a single revolver. That gun is actually able to transform into human form, and in the past, he was created to be an assassin for the imperial city's information bureau. Chiyoko learns of the revolver, whose name is Nanashiki Serosero, and she teams up with him to defeat the halberd tsukumogami Reishiki, who has been killing people for the past few hundred years.


Hiroshi Shiibashi (Art),
Yoshi Manaka (Story)