UFO Princess Valkyrie

Manga, vol.11 (2002)



Genres: Action, Comedy, Ecchi, Harem, Magical Girl, Romance, Science-Fiction
Tags: Episodic, Moe
Release Date: 22.07.2002 ‑ 22.10.2007
Studios: Square Enix Co., Ltd.
Type: Manga (2002)
Volumes: 11

Alternative names:

Enban Oujo Valkyrie
A spaceship lands on a bathhouse which belongs to Kazuto's family. Inside is Princess Warukure (Valkyrie) who gives part of her soul to Kazuto to save him from death (caused by her crash). Since she only has half of her soul, she turns into her child self. Now Kazuto and company must figure out how to fix the bathhouse and change Warukure back to normal.
Kazuto Tokino lives his tranquil life attending high school by day and running the family bath house by night; but his peace is all set to change. One fateful day, the Beautiful Princess Valkyrie crashes her spaceship into Kazuto’s public bath, killing the high-schooler outright! In order to revive him, Valkyrie gives the teen half of her soul, with the unfortunate side-effect of reverting the princess back to a child in both body and mind. Now the young Valkyrie is moving in to the bathhouse and, with her brash sister Hydra and over-protective catgirl maid Sanada following close behind, it seems Kazuto’s peaceful life is long behind him…