Alison Lester



Screen Name:Alison LESTER
Type: Person
Gender: Female
Birthday: Nov 17, 1966

Birth Place: Los Angeles, California, United States
Once worked on the English dubs of some Singapore anime series.
She currently runs a Communication Training Course.

Voice Acting Roles:

AlvidaOne Piece TV, 1999Supporting
Anzu MAZAKIYu-Gi-Oh! TV, 2000Main
Beso KimuraSuper Speed Spinner TV, 1998Main
Christine HanakomachiUFO Baby TV, 2000Supporting
Ishizu ISHTARYu-Gi-Oh! TV, 2000Supporting
Kasumi HarunoMistin 3rd Season TV, 2003Main
Mai KUJAKUYu-Gi-Oh! TV, 2000Supporting
Mikan YamamuraUFO Baby TV, 2000Supporting
MizunoUFO Baby TV, 2000Supporting
Momoka HanakomachiUFO Baby TV, 2000Supporting
NamiOne Piece TV, 1999Main
Nanami TenchiUFO Baby TV, 2000Supporting
Rebecca HopkinsYu-Gi-Oh! TV, 2000Supporting
RenamonDigimon Tamers TV, 2001Main
Rian YumemiyaSuper Speed Spinner TV, 1998Supporting
Sakurame KasumiMistin 3rd Season TV, 2003Supporting
Shizuka KAWAIYu-Gi-Oh! TV, 2000Supporting
Takato MATSUDADigimon Tamers TV, 2001Main