Cam Clarke



Screen Name:Cam CLARKE
Cameron Clarke, James Flinders, Jimmy Flinders
Type: Person
Gender: Male
Birthday: Nov 6, 1957

Sometimes Credited As: Cameron Clarke, Cameron A. Clarke, Cam Clark, James Flinders, Jimmy Flinders.

Known for his roles as Liquid Snake in the Metal Gear Solid series and Leonardo on Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles.

Voice Acting Roles:

Aoi RokushoNaruto TV, 2002Supporting
Charles Francis XAVIERX-Men TV, 2011Supporting
Chase SunoMonsuno TV, 2012Main
Monsuno Season 2 TV, 2013
Jeredy SunoMonsuno TV, 2012Supporting
Junichi NarutakiDoomed Megalopolis OVA, 1991Supporting
Kageroza INABABleach TV, 2004Supporting
Richard BRAUNMonster TV, 2004Supporting
Shoutarou KANEDAAkira Movie, 1988Main
Takumi MAYAMAHachimitsu to Clover Specials Bonus, 2005
Honey and Clover TV, 2005Main
Yasochika IEMURABleach TV, 2004Supporting
Aoi RokushouNaruto TV, 2002
BullyBleach TV, 2004
DogtanianDogtanian and the Three Muskehounds TV, 1981
Dr. Emmanuel KlipseMonsuno TV, 2012
MatashirouRequiem from the Darkness TV, 2003
PhillipSaber Rider and the Star Sheriffs TV, 1984
Prince MiloNausicaä of the Valley of the Wind Movie, 1984
RigodonAround the World with Willy Fog TV, 1984
Rikuda's FatherDuel Masters TV, 2002
Sousetsu KazehanaNaruto the Movie: Ninja Clash in the Land of Snow Movie, 2004
SuienNaruto: The Lost Story - Mission: Protect the Waterfall Village Other, 2003
TohruDuel Masters TV, 2002