Chris Hutchison



Screen Name:Chris HUTCHISON
Christopher HUTCHISON
Type: Person
Gender: Male

Voice Acting Roles:

BadesBreak Blade 4: Sanka no Chi Movie, 2010Supporting
Break Blade Movie, 2010
Basketball Club CaptainClannad TV, 2007Supporting
Basketball Team LeaderClannad TV, 2007
BestuzhevLe Chevalier D'Eon TV, 2006Supporting
EinsHiiro no Kakera 2 TV, 2012
Hiiro no Kakera: The Tamayori Princess Saga TV, 2012Supporting
Father NaoiAngel Beats! TV, 2010Supporting
Fish SaitouAngel Beats! TV, 2010
GaohLegends of the Dark King: A Fist of the North Star Story TV, 2008Supporting
Hikomaro SARUTAGhost Hound TV, 2007Supporting
KafkaNeedless TV, 2009Supporting
Kate no ChichiRed Garden TV, 2006
Kelly MARCUSDevil May Cry TV, 2007Supporting
Kenji ItouHorizon in the Middle of Nowhere: Season 1 TV, 2011Supporting
Kiyoshi INUKAIDog & Scissors TV, 2013Supporting
LANCEAppleseed Movie, 2004Supporting
MarusGuin Saga TV, 2009Supporting
Naoi no ChichiAngel Beats! TV, 2010
Naoyuki OKAZAKIClannad After Story TV, 2008
Clannad TV, 2007Supporting
Clannad: The Motion Picture Movie, 2007
NISHIMURANeedless TV, 2009
ObitoNeedless TV, 2009
RikigaNo.6 TV, 2011Supporting
SaitouAngel Beats! TV, 2010Supporting
Secretary of StateCanaan TV, 2009
Touhei YUKAWAWhen Supernatural Battles Became Commonplace TV, 2014
Toujirou KAKISUXam'd: Lost Memories Web, 2008
Toujirou KakisuBounen no Xamdou ONA, 2008Supporting
Vice PrincipalAngel Beats! TV, 2010Supporting
YajimaUn-Go TV, 2011Supporting
Crew of the ArcadiaHarlock: Space Pirate Movie, 2013
Ittou OnoUn-Go TV, 2011
King BakkamKiba TV, 2006
MatthewsAppleseed Alpha OVA, 2014
Mio's FatherThe World God Only Knows TV, 2010
Mongauli SoldierGuin Saga TV, 2009
NarratorHorizon in the Middle of Nowhere: Season 1 TV, 2011